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Sanghvi Parrsssva Group unveils the 1st edition of their Newsletter, SANGHVI PARRSSSVA - THE LEGACY
Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 1:54:04 AM - By News Bureau
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Ramesh Sanghvi, Chairman & Managing Director of Sanghvi Parrsssva Group
MUMBAI: Giving a human face to business is how the Sanghvi Parrsssva Group defines its unique way of interacting with clients, partners and stake holders. In keeping with this philosophy, the Group has unveiled the 1st edition of their Newsletter SANGHVI PARRSSSVA - THE LEGACY which aims to be an outreach & communication bridge, linking the Group with its customers and other stake holders. A pioneering initiative by Sanghvi Parrsssva, this Newsletter covers diverse topics and certainly makes for a captivating read.

“Communication, done in the right way, can help a home seeker get his or her dream home. For me, as the Chairman & Managing Director of Sanghvi Parrsssva Group, it goes beyond just an outreach to potential home seekers, it is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all those who have been part of the journey so far – and my way of saying ‘Welcome Aboard’ to those who will help us traverse the journey into the future,” said Mr. Ramesh Sanghvi.

The Sanghvi Parrsssva Group, which builds on the legacy of the Sanghvi Group of Companies, over the past 35 years has delivered over 18 million sq. ft. of constructed space across 72 completed projects, where 18,000 happy families have found their ‘dream home’. The journey continues into the future, with new projects in South Mumbai (Charni Road, Girgaum), suburbs (Ghatkopar) and extended suburbs (Atgaon-Shahpur). The real estate offerings of the Group range from ‘affordable’ to ‘mid-range’ to ‘luxury’, with a home offering for every home seeker’s needs.

“THE LEGACY is our humble effort to communicate not just to potential home seekers who will find their dream home in one of our projects; it is also about conveying our values, our thought process and the something ‘special’ about the Sanghvi Parrsssva Group which makes us unique. It is about being someone’s sunshine, and we hope our Newsletter communicates this the right way” adds GenNext Leaders Vama & Prarthana Sanghvi who were recently inducted on the Board as Directors of the Company.

At the Sanghvi Parrsssva Group, it is not about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a set of ‘perceived good things to be done’. It is about being humane and making a difference to the lives of people who need that helping touch, that little bit of support, which impacts the recipient. At the Sanghvi Parrsssva Group, we do things in a different way,” says Mr Ramesh Sanghvi.

Along with details about Patriotism driving team building in the Group through the National Anthem to the concepts of the design form that reflect values through the Group’s Logo, THE LEGACY also focuses on the Seema Sanghvi Welfare Foundation, which has been set up in the name of Mr. Ramesh Sanghvi’s late sister. “It is this feeling of having lost a loved one which is the foundation of the humane activities that the Sanghvi Parrsssva Group carries out,” says Mr Ramesh Sanghvi. The girl child is obviously, the focus of activities at the Seema Sanghvi Welfare Foundation. Education for the girl child, including children of Indian defence forces personnel who have laid down their lives for the nation, is the first aspect on the list of activities that have been taken up. THE LEGACY also covers other services rendered by the Sanghvi Parrsssva Group, including extending healthcare facilities to children by donating beds to the paediatric ward of St. George’s Hospital, Mumbai.

Affordable Housing as also an architect’s perspective on maximizing space utilization within such homes are part of the publication. Information about re-development projects, townships as also high-end luxury homes add value to THE LEGACY’s content. “I hope the publication serves its purpose and helps us connect with like-minded persons for the journey into the future,” concludes Mr Ramesh Sanghvi.
Ramesh Sanghvi
Chairman & Managing Director of Sanghvi Parrsssva Group
Seema Sanghvi Welfare Foundation