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Anil Mathews launches a Brand and PR Consulting firm, Mathewson Brand & PR consultants
Monday, August 21, 2017 - 3:02:12 PM - By News Bureau
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Anil Mathews, Founder & Director, Mathewson Brand & PR consultants
MUMBAI : campaignindia : Anil Mathews, a former SVP, marketing and corporate communications, Yes Bank, has launched a Brand and PR Consulting firm, Mathewson Brand & PR consultants.

Mathews, according to media reports, has been in the PR Industry for over 17 years, having worked with some of the top PR companies in the country.

The new agency, according to media reports, will offer its services to corporates and business houses in the area of brand strategy and planning, image management consulting through sustainable PR Campaigns and programs, market intelligence and crisis management solutions.

Anil Mathews, Founder and Director, Mathewson Brand & PR Consultants, said, “It is very difficult to retain a brands reputation and position in such a volatile and unpredictable market. It is our responsibility to guide and position our clients to remain competitive and create a conducive business environment."

The company would also have a focused approach and decisive mechanism towards start-ups. Its consulting business model would provide solutions to companies at various business levels including, corporate, leadership, brands, SBUs, products and services, HR and CSR.

SOURCE: http://www.campaignindia.in
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Anil Mathews
founder and Director
Mathewson Brand & PR Consultants