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Bajaj Finserv Reduces Personal Loan Interest Rate to 11.99 per cent
Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 3:06:02 PM - By News Bureau
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Bajaj Finserv Reduces Personal Loan Interest Rate to 11.99 percent
PUNE : BusinessWire : Personal loan aspirants have got more reasons to cheer ahead of this festival season as Bajaj Finserv announces reduced interest rate on personal loan at 11.99%. Bajaj Finserv, India’s most diversified financial services company through its lending and investment arm, Bajaj Finance Ltd, will offer this special interest rate on a loan value of Rs. 12 lakh and above.

Loans amount of Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 11.99 lakhs can be availed at an interest rate of 13.49%, and loans between 5 lakh and 7.99 lakh at 13.99%. This limited period offer is valid till 25th September, 2017. Bajaj Finserv will offer fastest approval and same day disbursal to existing and new customer in this limited period.
What makes this a lucrative offer?
A personal loan that is approved in minutes and disbursed within 24 hours offers a number of conveniences:
Tackles last-minute expenses easily
Addresses emergency needs for finances
Meet monetary deadlines without any hassles, such as submitting education fees for your child
Benefits of Bajaj Finserv personal loan
High loan amount
Whether it is an unforeseen medical expenditure or funding child’s higher education, Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan gives an access to funds up to Rs.25 lakh. There is absolutely no restriction on how the amount is used.
Flexible tenure
To ensure that the loan doesn’t become a financial burden, Bajaj Finserv offers a flexible tenure that ranges from 24 months to 60 months. Depending on the repayment ability, applicant can pick a tenure that is best suited.
Pre-approved offers
If you’re an existing customer with Bajaj Finserv, getting access to a personal loan is even easier. The loan will be available to you on a pre-approved basis.
Minimal documentation
An Indian citizen in the age bracket of 25 to 55 years can apply for Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan with great ease. A handful of documents including bank details, KYC documents and proof of employment to apply for the loan. The minimal documentation speeds up the application process further.
Personal Line of Credit (LOC)
ATMs offer incredibly easy access to money no matter where you are or how much money is required. A Line of Credit from Bajaj Finserv operates in a similar manner. It works like a credit facility allotted to consumer for a specified amount. Consumer is free to withdraw and use any amount of money within this allowed limit and is liable to pay interest only on the amount withdrawn. This is a loan where you only pay the interest amount as EMI

About Bajaj Finance Ltd.:
Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv group, is one of the most diversified NBFCs in the Indian market catering to more than 19 million customers across the country. Headquartered in Pune, the company’s product offering includes Consumer Durable Loans, Lifestyle Finance, Digital Product Finance, Personal Loans, Loan against Property, Small Business Loans, Home loans, Credit Cards, Two-wheeler and Three-wheeler Loans, Construction Equipment Loans, Loan against Securities and Rural Finance which includes Gold Loans and Vehicle Refinancing Loans along with Fixed Deposits and Advisory Services. Bajaj Finance Limited prides itself for holding the highest credit rating of FAAA/Stable for any NBFC in the country today.
To know more, please visit https://www.bajajfinserv.in/finance/
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