Saturday, September 22, 2018

Maharashtra CM announces formation of an urban art commission for Mumbai within a month
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 10:10:50 PM - By News Bureau
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Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis
MUMBAI : Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, while speaking at an event organized by the Observer Research Foundation for the release of its report, Endangered Future of Mumbai's Open Spaces, announced the formation of an urban art commission for Mumbai within the next one month.

The commission will be tasked with providing inputs to the government for improvements in the design and aesthetics of urban spaces and the city's skyline, said the Maharashtra CM.

Stressing on the point that urban planning would remain a priority for him, the Maharashtra CM also promised that the much-awaited draft Development Plan 2034 of Mumbai would be approved by the state by March 2018 latest. The DP would be a blueprint for land use over the next two decades.

In reference to the Observer Research Foundation's report, 'Endangered Future of Mumbai's Open Spaces', the CM said, "In Maharashtra, we understand the need for creation of more urban spaces and have policies which are instrumental in creation of such spaces."