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Now, savour your perfect cup of hot filter coffee with Jet Airways @35,000 feet
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 11:42:37 AM - By News Bureau
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Now, savour your perfect cup of hot filter coffee with Jet Airways @35,000 feet
In another global first, Jet Airways, India's premier, full service international airline, has introduced authentic 'Filter Coffee' on its select international flights from India. Guests can now feel at home while enjoying a hot steaming cup of South India's favourite brew while cruising at 35,000 feet!

The launch of Filter Coffee and a variety of other offerings including a fresh new range of Champagne, forms part of Jet Airways' refreshed in-flight dining experience in its endeavour to provide its guests with unique experiences aboard its international flights. Effective Mar 1, 2018 guests flying First Class and Première onboard Jet Airways' flights from / to India to / from Amsterdam, London, Paris and Toronto are able to enjoy South India’s favourite 'Filter Coffee'.

Jayaraj Shanmugam, Executive Vice President, Product & Services, Jet Airways, said, "Filter Coffee is uniquely Indian both in culture, preparation and taste. Its inimitable aroma creates a feel good factor, immediately transcends the mood and establishes a strong connect to Southern India. At Jet Airways, we have always endeavoured to take the best of India to the world for people from different geographies and cultures to cherish our wide variety of culinary delights. We are delighted to serve this distinctively Indian beverage to our discerning guests."

Jet Airways leads the way across Indian aviation sector in providing dining experience based on routes, special menu for festivities and occasions, and introducing innovative oven-proof meal box. The airline's unique in-flight Sky Chai offering that comprises a selection of distinct teas, all carefully curated and delicately served is already acclaimed by guests travelling in Première and First Class on international routes.

About Jet Airways: Jet Airways is India's premier international airline which operates flights to 64 destinations, including India and overseas. Jet Airways’ robust domestic India network spans the length and breadth of the country covering metro cities, state capitals and emerging destinations. Beyond India, Jet Airways operates flights to key international destinations in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America

The Jet Airways Group currently operates a fleet of 119 aircraft, comprising Boeing 777-300 ERs, Airbus A330-200 / 300, Next Generation Boeing 737s and ATR 72-500 / 600s.
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