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A Journey from a mere Developer to a Hacker : Paresh Nanda
Monday, April 23, 2018 - 8:47:12 PM - By PARESH NANDA
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Paresh Nanda, CEO at
The world believes in deeds and not in words! I am a person who dreams in day and works at
night. The thought “Believe in you” encouraged me at every minute of my life. Motivation, the
only thing which led me to achieve the success. Though I hail from a very common family but
the journey from being a common to someone was very hard. It was very difficult for me to
cover such a long journey with full of hurdles.

There were many hurdles in my life some were financial while some were physical but though I
managed to stay positive. Due to financial constraints I stopped my study and started working to
earn at a very tender age. I completed my graduation after 8 years. There were some health
issues too which again worked as a barrier in my dreams.
Being a BSc-IT graduate I chose to become a Strategic Analyst as I love the way an analyst
works. I joined the company and started learning everything about the profession. I learnt SEO
content and got specialized in it. Later on, I started my own Digital Marketing Firm based at
Mumbai. Slowly but gradually it started growing but the satisfaction level remained the same. I
had always dreamt off to have a remarkable career which I was unable to see till now.
Suddenly, the news of Radhe Maa got trending. I came up with an idea of making an android app
of Radhe Maa to help her followers know about her upcoming Chowkis. Using my knowledge I
started working on it which took me one step ahead towards my dream. Later, I also started
making pages on Facebook and now I handle 300+ pages on it. The number of # hastags of
leading brands including some locality fall by my side.
One day while surfing on Internet I came across the art of hacking which really impressed me
alot. I started learning it and using my skills I hacked the Google AdSense a program run by
Google that allows to publish advertisements on google. Logging in Google AdSense is a robotic
process that cannot be hacked but I believe in possibilities and has now achieved my aim. I can
login the Google AdSense account by changing its date and time and the same I have done under
the date 31 Dec 1969. This date can also be changed as and when required.
I did not stopped here and started focusing on my second task. I started hacking LinkedIn and
one fine day I got succeeded in the same. I can increase the connections in the profile by 10 and
can show +10 connections. The thing that amaze much is that the connections are not actually
added in the profile but connections get increase.
I had a deep interest in Media and have many strategies to boost the industry too. I have studied
the media and can grow the industry through my research and works. As of now around 1700 Cr.
business are generated in Audio, Entertainment and Production Industry wherein I can boost and
grow the industry by 7000 Cr using my strategies and research.
Apart from this, I have also decided to run an ambulance digitally as India is getting digitalized.
Booking an ambulance on one click would provide everyone an ease in reaching hospital using
the same technology as OLA and UBER uses. A service which will serve most of the people. As
the saying goes, “Try not to become a man of success rather become a man of value” a thought
which I follow.
Paresh Nanda