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Zareen Khan reaches out to over 100K netizens with her YouTube channel
Sunday, July 19, 2020 - 1:05:50 PM - By News Bureau
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Bollywood Diva Zareen Khan
MUMBAI, 19 JULY 2020: Largely perceived to be a ‘glamour gal’, Bollywood hottie Zareen Khan has come up with some serious and then, some light hearted topics on her YouTube channel – and as viewers kept logging on, the number of viewers rose – and when the magic number of 100K viewers is crossed, guess what YouTube does? It rewards the YouTuber with a silver button, that’s what!

“It came as a surprise,” gushed the young and beautiful pretty entertainment personality, whose film career so far reflects some serious cinema – with more to come. “My YouTube channel is a means of reaching out to not just my fans, but to the netizens who want to mull over something serious – as also at times, something frivolous,” she smiles. So, from a couple of episodes on cooking (aptly titled, ‘Lets Pakaao with Zareen’) to a makeover for her Nanaji as also her Mum’s birthday celebration, her YouTube channel also touches upon issues like ‘Cybercrime’ and ‘Girl Child Empowerment’. These topics are relevant to all netizens, and the numbers of those logging on and doing the ‘like – share – subscribe’ have her as surprised as her digital team.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, as also the lockdown with its extensions, it seemed to be a difficult task, getting the number of viewers and subscribers to cross the 100K mark. Zareen obviously, is elated – and her digital team is on Cloud-9. “It has been just three months,” says Aqeel Merchant, CEO, HashNTag Media, her Digital team spokesperson. “I guess her appeal goes beyond just being a leading personality from the world of entertainment. Her episodes have been on topics which are a mix of serious and light hearted – and if her fan following on YouTube is anything to go by, she is not just about glamour, but also topics that make one think – plus, the friendly, family person which comes across on YouTube,” adds Aqeel Merchant.

So, having breached the 100k – mark, what’s next? “It is just a number,” says Zareen. “So long as my fans and those who love my YouTube channel keep adding up the numbers, it places a responsibility on me – to ensure that my YouTube channel is the perfect mix of topics, light hearted and serious, so that my channel subscribers have not just more of me on YouTube, but also some serious topics get discussed. I owe it to my fans and subscribers,” she adds.

It is not just about targets, but also about raising the bar with each achievement – the YouTube channel definitely seems all set to go places –far beyond just the silver button, that’s for sure! Watch this space…..
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