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Augmont joins hands with PayTM, boosting reach of its popular digi-gold
Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 5:57:50 PM - By News Bureau
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Sachin Kothari, Director, Augmont
MUMBAI : Striving towards revolutionizing India since 2012 with their digi-gold concept on their website, Augmont, has evolved as a game changer in the industry with the launch of its app. Since then, it has consistently strengthened both, its online as well as offline distribution of gold and gold products. After collaborating with 5,00,000 offline touchpoints, Augmont has now made its online distribution even more robust by partnering with PayTM, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India.

Augmont’s digi-gold product works in a unique way, empowering the buyer to customise the entire purchase as per his or her convenience. The buyer can fix either the budget or the grammage that he/she wishes to purchase. Then, through PayTM, they can buy gold digitally, which is then secured in trusted third-party lockers that are monitored and audited by IDBI Trusteeship Services. After the purchase is completed, the buyer can pay a nominal making charge to convert the gold to coins, as per their desire. Augmont already has a catalogue from which the buyer can choose a design. In the coming weeks, more designs will be added to offer wider choices to buyers. Gold coins start in sizes as low as 0.1 gram, making them affordable to millions of people. The gold coins come in premium quality of 24k and 999 purity.

Mr. Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont, said, “As India’s largest refinery, Augmont has led the way to superior quality, solid delivery and technological advancements in the bullion market. Our digi-gold has been a runaway success since the day it was launched and we are glad to announce our association with one of India’s leading digital-payment platform, PayTM. Access to high quality gold at the best market prices over a completely secure, hassle-free transaction through Augmont and PayTM, will further boost the evolution in the way Indians purchase gold. We aimed to reach over 10 million people through our various digi-gold partners and with this association we now hope to reach out to even more digital users. Those who’ve already used our service can vouch Augmont is the best purchase experience of buying digital gold in India!”

To purchase Augmont’s digi-gold, you have to first download PayTM App. Then, select Augmont Gold, choose your quantity or budget and purchase India’s finest quality gold at live market prices. and have it stored in digital lockers you can anytime get the gold delivered at your doorstep by paying “Making & Delivery” charges.

Don’t delay your decision to invest in gold for the lack of modern new ways to buy and store your bullion. Gold remains one of the most prudent investment choices even in today’s world. With Augmont, and especially with the big ticket tie-up with PayTM, buying gold is now as simple as purchasing a movie ticket!
Sachin Kothari
joins hands
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